Visiting an Abandoned House


Crumbling floorboards, broken windows and eerie energy surrounded us as we explored this abandoned home.

On our day off, I went with a group of some friends from college to a huge abandoned house. This was my first time exploring a place like this, because my fears and vivid imagination have always held me back; though we all felt a little fearless this day. The passion for photography made me want to face my fears… for good content of course.

Model: Bailey Forward

There were a lot of thoughts going through my head about the place. Who had lived there? How long has this home been without human existence? Did it get torn apart by natural causes, or rebellious kids? There was even a button-up shirt still hanging up; a trace of evidence that life had been there.

Model: Hailley Fayle

We used the scene for awesome moody portraits, and honestly just to show the unknown story that sits in the middle of the woods.

PS: This is a dangerous adventure. There were holes in the floor, walls, and ceiling. A couple of us actually broke through the floor but we’re all okay (obviously).

In frame: Hailley Fayle

By the time we left, we were all itchy and I had a headache from all of the dust and mould that had grown up the walls.

I can finally say I’ve been in a real “haunted” house. It was a great adventure. There’s something so fascinating about exploring a place that someone used to call home. I wish we had found evidence of who had lived there, and what their life story was. I guess it’s just left up to the imagination.

Model: Bailey Forward

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