Giveaway Winner: A few final photos!

Earlier this summer, I hosted a giveaway for a free 1-hour photo session for my Facebook page. I found a giveaway winner random chooser (super cool) and it took the stats from my post, and chose Kaitie.

We never got around to doing the shoot until last night, since I was living back in my hometown for the summer. I am SO happy that we got to shoot, because we had an awesome time, and got  some amaaaazing photos out of it.

We started our shoot at around 6:30pm, and I knew that the sun was going to start setting at around 7:30 so we really only had the one hour to work with. It was both a challenge and an artistic experience to try to make the setting sun work for us… and to get enough light through the lens.

A couple of the photos are a little grainy, but all in all I’m obsessed with the outcome.


Photography is an always-learning experience, trial and error, and problem solving. I’m super happy with how these photos turned out because I was able to achieve a style I’ve always wanted to try.

This definitely won’t be the last collaboration you see from Kaitie and I!

Kaitie’s Instagram: @ktcollingwood

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