Bellwether: Photo Essay

Have you heard of Bellwether? If you live in the city of Fredericton, your answer is probably YES, of course! It’s a very vintage (yet trendy) consignment store located in downtown Fredericton. For my photo-essay I spent part of an afternoon photographing Bellwether and chatting with Laurel Green and Kayleigh (Kiwi) Saad about the store, and how consignment works.


Bellwether is a vintage consignment store based in Fredericton, New Brunswick.


The owner, Laurel Green, sorts through clothing given through different consigners around the city.


About a week after the clothing gets delivered, Laurel or Kiwi sorts through the bags, curates and prices the chosen items. Consigners receive a specific percentage of the final price once items are sold.


Kiwi steams a dress before putting it out on display.


Laurel and Kiwi style the mannequins with new arrivals.


Kiwi changes the wall mannequin displays.


Kiwi sorts through the racks, and coordinates by colour for visual appeal.


As well as clothing, Bellwether also sells local art: paintings, pottery, patches, pins, etc.


For those who love a good steal, Bellwether has a bargain trunk.


Bellwether has a mix of vintage, quality modern fashion as well as basics. Through Bellwether, Laurel strives for sustainable consumerism.

Bonus Facts:

  • Anyone can become a consigner, just sign up at Bellwether! You will receive a certain percentage of the final sale of your old clothing.
  • Bellwether hosts music shows! Are you a local musician? Talk to them about having a small concert of your own.
  • Are you a local visual artist? Ask Laurel or Kiwi how you can sell your art in-store!
  • What does “Bellwether” mean? – The sheep that leads the flock. An indicator of change or a trendsetter.

Thank you to the Bellwether staff for allowing me to come in and photograph their awesome store!

Lots of love,


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